Meet Alison!


The So Southern At Heart Lifestyle Blog is now “a thing” !

Or in the South we say “thang”. 😉

In the days, weeks, months ahead you will learn all about our Inspired Ways.

You will be introduced to our So Southern At Heart “Mannerisms”. You will meet Dancers, Swimmers, Fashionista’s (not Divas), Gymnasts, Heath and Wellness Experts, Teams of Physicians (even a Dancing Cardiologist), maybe a golfer or two…just to name a few of our interesting crew. We will feature energies to inspire, ways to “hang out’ with your Kiddo’s at home “trying” to make life fun and always focused with healthy, mindful, encouraging posts from one of our inspired teammates with a Southern Heart in mind. We love Food! So be ready to be tempted … You may even find fashion style tips, a new line or two from our favorite Southern group of Southern boutiques or even some of our favorite Beach Boutiques on the Northern Coastline (shhh don’t tell anyone we travel up North, wink, wink)

Let me introduce So Southern At Heart Blogger … Alison Kightlinger Cardoza

Alison was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. Her SOUTHERN HEART fell in love with fitness and dancing. Educating others about health and fitness is her passion. Her goal is to change lives and help clients be the best versions of themselves. Alison is always smiling and energetic! She owes her attitude, mental and physical well being to exercise! In recent years, Alison has been a cheerleader, gymnast, and dancer. Alison graduated with honors from the Youth Performing Arts High School in Louisville, Kentucky majoring in Dance. She studied jazz, modern, and ballet.

Alison went on to dance for the University of Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, and a minor in Health Promotions.

Alison is the “Big Sister ” we all wish we had! And someone you want to know! We met Alison so many years ago and you inspire us! Love ya Girl! Alison is a Mother, Sister, Wife and more importantly inspiring Friend with a Soulful Southern Heart!


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