Ready or not, here school comes!

 Is it really the end of July? Ready or not, here school comes!

“Bring it on,”  says our (So Southern At Heart Contributor) Alison Cardoza.

Whew! School is just around the corner.  Are you ready?? 
As a parent I try my best to stay on top of the world. Easier said than done. By the end of a long busy work day I’m lucky if I have time to get dinner on the table. Going into a school year you want to be mentally and physically prepared.
So, start now, organize your kiddos closet. If they wear uniforms, figure out if you need to donate clothes that don’t fit or if last year’s uniforms can be worn again this year.
Some of my favorite places to shop for uniforms are Target, Old Navy  and locally owned, Shaheen’s .
My daughter, Alexa absolutely loves picking out supplies and checking off her supply list. As soon as you receive your supply list, head to Walmart, which I find to be the best deals. Get there before the first week of school so your child has a good selection of folders and notebooks. Also, it’s nice to have the supplies ready to go for orientation.
Once school is back in session, always allow yourself plenty of time to get your child to school. The worst feeling is rushing around and forgetting something. Breathe in. Breathe out. I lay my daughter’s clothes out the night and have her lunch packed the night before so she is ready to go in the morning. All we have to do is do her hair, eat breakfast and brush her teeth!
Some quick and fashionable hair styles in the morning is French braid, fish bone, and simple braids down side of head. ****(SEE attached pics). Alexa wears a uniform, so  we add a little fun touches  of color.  Converse shoes are affordable and fun and comfortable .We bought Alexa’s  shoes at Off Broadway Shoes and Journeys. She also wears fun earrings from Claire’s. If your school allows it, clip on  a fun hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works onto their book bag to keep them clean.**( SEE attached pics).Stay positive during the crazy school year. Stick together as a family and tackle that homework!
I love the opportunity for Alexa to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident ready for a Great school year!!
Let’s get to know a little more about our “So Southern At Heart” Blogger/It Mom
Alison Kightlinger Cardoza 
Alison is the mother to a beautiful 10 year old daughter, Alexa. Alexa’s spunk and energy in life is contagious! Together, they want to be role models to the younger community  by leading a healthy active lifestyle and by educating kids, teens and adults to do the same!  Their fun, spirited heart pumping workouts and health tips will get your heart racing! Their workouts and tips will help reduce stress, improve confidence and help you lead the best lifestyle possible!
After Alison graduated from college, she was selected to be an NFL Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader for two years.   Alison was chosen to cheer at the Tokyo Bowl in Japan, and was honored by being elected to serve as Captain of her cheer squad.         

 Alison is currently an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor at the Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center in Louisville.  In addition, she teaches Adult Hip Hop classes at the facility, and works individually with kids, teens, and teams for cheer and dance.  Alison has been recognized numerous times in local and national media including The Courier-Journal, Today’s Woman, and The Voice Tribune, for her ability to motivate children to become active at a young age.  Alison regularly instructs dance at local studios and schools.  She specializes in preparing dancers and cheerleaders for high school, college, and pro teams.  In addition, Alison is a successful free-lance dance choreographer working and appearing in local, regional and national entertainment and fitness projects.  

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