Not Just Your Basic “T”…


Let’s talk about T-shirts. Everyone wears ‘em,and many sell ‘em, but NOBODY makes ‘emlike A. St. Clair!

The knitwear line at A. St. Clair is a notch above the rest. And we have Annie St. Clair to thank for that. This Louisville-based designer describes her clothing as a custom, luxe, and essential brand that transitions into the next season with ease. 


You can customize each tee to fit the look you want on any given day. How? With A. St. Clair,you have the option of scoring your t-shirts in regular or long length. Personally, I would go for both since you never know what you’ll be in the mood to wear that day.

So many looks can be put together from these tees. They can go from a workout tee alongside jeans and boots – to a top worn underneath a suit jacket. Aside from the versatility, my favorite thing about the line is just how soft the material is.


T-shirts aren’t the only thing that A. St. Clair is known for. Beautiful tunics and kimonos with touches of silk and leather on the wrist and collar are also in stock.


Also, guess what else is coming soon? Shorts!

Who doesn’t like silk shorts with leather accent? They will easily pair with an A. St. Clair tank for a go-to look when the time is right for a night out.


A. St. Clair has a pop-up retail location in the Oxmoor Center Mall located next to Anthropology.  Your favorite A. St. Clair fashion items will be available there through [date???].


The clothes are also available at Blu Boutique on Shelbyville Road and Clodhoppers in St. Matthews on Lexington Road, as well as online at


Every girl can use a basic t-shirt, so head on over to the Oxmoor Center Mall, Blu Boutique, Clodhoppers or your favorite digital device to pick up your very own super soft, versatile, A. St. Clair piece today!



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