Self – Discipline: Morning Rituals That Make You Happier Throughout The DAY!

So I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately about how others start their day?

What makes us roll out of the bed on the right side vs. the not so right side! Positively speaking, of course. Why do some of us always start the morning groggy vs. jump up and just be ready to go … is it our internal clock? or can we do something to nurture the processes and become that morning cheerful self from the get go!

In my inbox today alone I have more than 5 articles delivered suggesting ” how to start the morning off the right way” … What To DO In The Morning: Ways to start your day….

Here’s a couple I found interesting and I was so excited I already incorporate most of the “how to’s” in my morning rituals –

Huffington Posts suggests:

“As we get closer to September, the psychological start of the new year even once we’re long past heading back to school, planning out a new routine seems like a good way to mark the change in season. After all, having a set way of doing things has long been identified as the key to success, whether you’re trying to maintain weight loss or study for a massive exam. then there’s my professional side checking in with Inc. Magazine.

Rather refreshing to know several of our morning habits are documented to make us Happier through out the day!

Check out what Joshua Otusanya, Accountant, Stand up Comedian, Former Division 1 Athlete ,on Quora: says about morning rituals to make us happier and healthier as we wake up in the morning.

What is the best early morning habit for success? originally appeared on Quora – the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.


Anyone else drink a full 8oz. bottle of water on an empty stomach? (CHECK)

Oh yes you know we are morning dancers … Let the music play as you go through your morning routine.

And those 30 – 40 Power Breaths … yup I know we are doing something right … but reinforcement is nice from our friends Inc. Magazine

I don’t do all 10 all the time but 8 – 10 every morning in some sequence is workin that #AttitudeofGratitude#SoSouthernAtHeart…/10-morning-rituals-that-make-you-happ…


One suggestion I will end with …

Make A To-Do List To Start your Day and to End your Day with a Check Off List!

Sound like a stressful way to start your day? In fact, writing out a list of the tasks you need to complete that day, and prioritizing them, can set out your activities in a way that actually makes sense. Workers who make their to-do lists before leaving the office are known to be more productive, so think of this as a similar set-up for your day.

Ready for Fall! No I’m ready to have a GREAT DAY!

Let August 1 set your body clock forward and have a HAPPY DAY!


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