A Mother’s Motivation

The “Why” behind her ways.

(Today we welcome our first blog from guest contributor, Abbey Mueller. Her words inspire us and give us something to think about as we send out little ones back to school)

Your motivation can either be to please the world, or to please your God- and your daughter can feel if you see her in the eyes of the world, or the eyes of God. Despite your words, she can tell who you’re motivated to please.

When I coach little girls, or build curriculum for little girls, I have one thing in mind- putting God’s voice into their thought process.

We are human, distracted by human desires to be loved, liked, included, attractive, and connected. When you’re 10, your desperation to fulfill those human desires is new, and its unclear how to fill them. So, little girls look to moms for the example.

If you don’t have a child, recall growing up with your mom at age 10, or recall your friends mom at age 10. What do you remember? What were the “Why’s” that you saw in those women?

Why did those women answer the phone the way that they did, read what they read, busied or rested the way that they did? Who was running their life- The Holy Spirit or the worldly trendsetters?

You’re here on earth for a short time. Pause, pause now. Decide now, if you’re going to simplify your day and be motivated to serve, or get ahead. Serving is living amongst the beautiful Holy Spirit within you, and getting ahead is self-willed promotion. One gives you a day of gliding, and one gives you a day or great rush to complete what can never be fully completed.

Serve your 10 year old, your 5 year old, your 1 year old, or 30 year old by giving her the example of serving God. Serve Him in how you speak to your husband, the pace at which you make dinner, the time that you take to rest your body, the amount of activities you place on your calendar. If your “Why” is constantly to get ahead, you can’t enjoy your little girl in the now- because one day, she will be so far ahead in age, that you’ll have missed her back talk and snuggles because you forgot to serve your God, by reading His word for your daily motivation.

Make your “Why” to serve Him, so she knows to overlook the ways of the world and serve the greatest master of all. Matthew 6:24.

So, in conclusion for those “Oh So Southern! Bless Your Heart!” ladies out there, fix your “Why” on Him, and your little girl, or all those around you for that matter, will see that you are have the voice of Him in you, as a bright Southern girl, shining His light everywhere you go- starting in your own home first.

*** Abbey Mueller is the Director of The Abigail Academy Scripture based Life Skills Center for Girls in Middletown KY. The Abigail Academy teaches modern day life skills in a fun way to 1st-8th grade girls so they can flourish in their relationship with God. The first 10 week After School Club session for this school year begins the week of August 21st. You may register on their website: www.abigailacademy.com They are here to partner with parents to serve God while raising confident and courageous generous young ladies.


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