Positivity. You Had Me At Pink.


Is Pink your color of positivity? It sure is one of mine!

I recently reread one of my favorite books that transformed my level of consciousness.  Don’t sneer. Yes, one of my favorite colors is indeed, the color pink! Oh YES, there’s so much one can tell about a person and their favorite colors. Did you know some of the character traits that you may exhibit, are based on the colors you love the most, while at the same time discovering insights into your personality and your deepest needs.

Everyday we are surrounded by the colors of the world and they motivate us physically and psychologically every minute of the day, impacting our lives in so many ways.  That “Splash of Pink”. That color you dislike defines you as well, although we are largely unaware of the impact it has on us. So when I thumbed through Instagram this morning and viewed Lilly Pullitzer’s recent post it reminded me of my daughter’s first Lilly Dress. As a mom going through a lot of changes recently I was immediately reminded why I love Pink and why the color, well “MAKES ME HAPPY” … if you get the chance check out http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-pink.html . It’s worth the read!That PINK implosion. I swear I’m laughing at myself as I write this as well. But honesty becomes you … most times. (SMILE)

Back to my recent read… and a state of present mind. Be Positive.

POSITIVITY, written by Barbara Fredrickson, PH.D. actually “personally” delivers the experiences she describes “the upward spiral”.  Dr. Fredrickson helps us with lab-tested tools necessary to create healthier, more vibrant, and color me happy moments of realism.  Positivity, indeed needs to be heartfelt to be practical.

By definition, positivity is the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Have you ever heard the phrase “a family that plays together stays together.” As Dr. Frederickson explains, ” the wisdom in this phrase is that social play builds ties between people that are lasting and consequential.  This wisdom holds outside the human family circle as well.”

Well another reason to BE POSITIVE… It’s Friday GO CELEBRATE!! Go find that dress in your favorite color or simply experience the colors of the great outdoors – Keep it simple – Keep it real!

Be A CATALYST ! Empower. Our “So Southern At Heart”  hope for you to have positive thoughts that lead to positive emotions. Surround yourself with positive emotions that make you healthy and happy.

Beauty begins at the moment you decide to be yourself.








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