Healthcare Enterprises Network – Louisville presents …

A thriving community is dependent of the health and welfare of it’s citizens. 

We became involved because we know how important it is to be informed so “you” can make informed decisions when they may arise. Education and knowledge go hand-in-hand. Come listen to local businessmen and learn why having a strategic plan in place helps our community’s growth and how the decisions you make also support the financial health of your organization and the health of your community, and prepares your organizational path and healthcare outcomes for the evolving healthcare environment.

Join us and learn more about the dramatic impact local businesses and entrepreneurs can have on Louisville’s healthcare economy.

On September 14th, Health Enterprises Network (HEN) will highlight entrepreneurs and the dramatic impact they can have on Louisville’s healthcare economy. Join the discussion on the importance of corporate engagement in fostering economic growth and how nurturing entrepreneurial ventures can generate innovative solutions to industry challenges while creating new jobs.

To learn more and register for the event click link below:

Because we care.


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