Weekend Forecast: Festivals, Football, Fun and Fiestas

Our Good friend Jessica Rayome featured a post worth revisiting. Inside look on a great way to host a home tailgate party without the fuss!

Let’s take a look back #FlashbackFriday !

Jessica writes in her blog:

“Nothing brings people together like food and football, so teaming up with Salsarita’s for our catering was an easy pick. As you all know by now, I love hosting get-togethers in our home. Unfortunately, one of the more time consuming–and costly–parts of getting ready for a party is the food. While Mexican may not be traditional “football food,”  their taco bar was a perfect fit for our big, crazy family. It let everyone put together delicious dinner plates, and also provided snacks in the form of chips/salsa/guacamole enough for everyone all evening long.

With the holidays behind us, we wanted to have everyone out to the house to actually be able to spend time with one another without rushing from one place to the next. And with Super Bowl coming up in a week, it felt like just about time to get everyone together! Our family is big, loud, and quirky and we wouldn’t have them any other way! When looking for an excuse to take time and be thankful for those who we have been lucky enough to have in our lives, gathering around food seemed like a great place to start. We always talk about how we wish we spent more time together as a family to catch up, so a random dinner get-together provided us a perfect excuse to see family and friends we love, and the taco bar saved us the pressure of filling all those bellies!”




Flash forward to Fall and the time is now to plan your next tailgate!

Everyone loves catering from Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill. Their Taco and Fajita bars allow guests to choose exactly what they want and make it just the way they like it. Delivered. Set up. Delicious. That’s Salsarita’s catering.

Contact Salsarita’s and their catering team today to make sure you’re game day ready!

And our good friends over at Salsarita’s tell me now you can register to win a year’s worth of food just by registering online. Through September 21 anyone who registers becomes eligible to win! ($250 Value) Winner chosen randomly on September 23.

What are you waiting for?

Join today!


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