Introducing Project Her – Alex Beck

Today let me introduce you to Alex Beck!

Project Her is all about promoting women & their endeavors in hopes that it will inspire younger generations of girls to follow their passions too! Project Her has a website, and they are currently working on getting our first post out sometime very soon!

Project Her is set up to inspire with a mindful spirit and allow any woman who wants to be a contributor (writer, editor, photographer) to sign up & have their work posted. The blog & Instagram page is targeting girls ages 12-18.

They are currently looking for contributors & features from all ages! (Because we think they all have different perspectives that younger girls might find useful).

We look forward to teaming up in the upcoming months with Alex and her team!

She also just happens to be the sibling of one of our favorites, Anna – Maria Beck!              If you don’t know Anna – Maria you should! Anna- Maria mindful spirit is the  founder of ValkyrieBEAT, Sacred Heart Academy’s first mini dance marathon. ValkyrieBEAT is a branch of RaiseRED, the UofL dance marathon for pediatric cancer. We will chat it up with Anna – Maria and her story in weeks to come.

Who is Alex Beck – Creator of Project Her 


Hi! My name is Alex Beck, and I am a sophomore at Babson College. I am originally from Louisville, KY where I attended high school at Sacred Heart Academy. This summer I found myself feeling angry & confused about the amount of pressure social media puts on girls to act & look a certain way, particularly younger girls. I decided to create Project Her with hopes that it would act as a safe place on social media for women. Project Her is dedicated to celebrating women from around the world who are pursuing their passions. We hope that by doing this we are able to empower younger generations of girls to embrace themselves! We are always looking for new women & girls to feature and have as contributors to our website. So far we have had an absolute blast meeting amazing women & hopefully inspiring some along the way!

Alex – Your spirit is the definition of empowerment. You truly are shining a light of inspirational wisdom. Project Her is a movement our team at “So Southern at Heart” is honored to have you as a part of our path!

We are encouraged by you and look forward to joining along in your journey!







  1. Im interested in contributing to the blog!! Can you email me more information


  2. Love this Alex! I may know some young ladies who would like to contribute. I’ll be in touch .
    Keri Feldkamp – your old neighbor 🙂


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