Hip-Hop Heart Health

Hip-Hop Heart Health, Guest Contributor – Dr. P.K. Cherian

I am a cardiologist with Norton Heart Institute. I have been practicing in the Louisville area for close to 40 years. My lovely wife Sara is also a doctor.  We have two grown children, and two grandchildren.

I tell all my patients that it is important to make your health a priority. I am lucky to have wife who cooks delicious, healthy meals for us. I avoid all sweets other than fruit. My vices are, admittedly, red wine and coffee.

Exercise is very important. I have pursued a number of different exercise activities over the years. What I enjoy the most is hip-hop dancing. I took up hip-hop dancing about three years ago. I have to give great credit to my personal training Alison Cardoza who changed my life.

Alison knew what I needed to do for a good cardio work-out, and hit on hip-hop dancing as a fun activity that I would enjoy. She really makes it fun.

Hip-hop dancing is also a tremendous when it comes maintaining my flexibility, agility and balance—critical elements for fitness that are all too easy for folks to lose as they age.

Finally, hip-hop dancing challenges my mind. The counts, the choreography, the routines, and the steps can be very complicated. I stick with it because it is so much fun.

My father died far too young of a heart attack. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a heart doctor. It has been my great privilege to treat many, many heart patients through the years. My son is also a cardiologist. It is incredible to have something so important to me in common with him. But no luck so far in converting him into a hip-hop dancer.

(c) P.K. Cherian 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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