Head up! Heart Strong…

We can all use a little help from our friends! And today we decided to take some advice from one of our good health and fitness contributor’s from Baptist Milestone, Brenna Tomlinson. 


It is hard to grasp sometimes when ‘in the midst’. But, there is always a choice. Force your thoughts into the respond instead of react mode. Move forward taking the steps you choose. Don’t fall into the ‘victim’ mentality. Finish the weekend strong and ON!

So let’s keep our heads high and eyes forward. Don’t waste energy wondering why or how. It doesn’t matter. We are only responsible for, and able to change ourselves. Let’s work hard on the now and the next step..UP! ‘Follow’ and ‘Like’ www.facebook.com/brennatomlinsonfitness to get at home/no equipment needed exercises! #health #wellness #milestone #Mindset #Riseup

Thanks Brenna!


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