Tis the Season: Wedded Bliss

Wedding Feature from our Friends at StyleBluePrint Birmingham.

Glitz, Glam & Gatsby: An Art Deco Wedding in Downtown Birmingham

Allison Mills and Christopher Robinson’s love story began in a biology lab. They were paired up as lab partners the fall of her sophomore and his junior year at The University of Alabama, and initially, they exchanged phone numbers for homework assignments and study sessions. But soon they were smitten. “Naturally, we kept texting even when homework was finished,” Allison says. “I think we both had a crush almost immediately.” Over the Christmas break that followed, they were both glued to their phones, texting and calling each other constantly, and when they returned to Tuscaloosa the next semester they began spending most of their days together. By the time Allison left to spend six weeks studying abroad in Italy that summer, they knew it was love. They continued dating through college, graduated together in December 2012 and spent much of the next two years dating long distance while living in different cities: Birmingham, Raleigh, Atlanta and Birmingham again.


Does it get any dreamier than this lovely bride and groom?


Allison and Chris’ Gatsby-esque wedding even included a vintage Rolls-Royce for a glamorous sendoff!


Allison and Chris steal away for a kiss during cocktail hour.