A Cup Of Inspiration: Southern Style

Just another #mugshotmonday. Woke up and stumbled in to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of ambition, and then I was hit with inspiration. Mugs waiting to be glazed, blinged out, and then on their way to Kansas City.

#cupofambition Image may contain: 2 people, coffee cup, drink and indoor

In my career, I have always wanted to create work that is true to me: not what was hip or trendy, but born out of what has brought real meaning to my life. I founded Mr. Benny’s Pot Shop, not only as a retainer for my artistic pursuits with clay, but also to provide a new space where other makers, objects, and ideas could come together to tell a more complete story of the home. That’s why you will find more than just pots. Through a selection of goods that is thoughtfully unrefined, here, there’s anything and everything that builds relationships, and brings joy.

– Jason


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