HeartPrints: Do Good Kentucky

Social media is an odd phenomenon, y’all. Sometimes it makes us smile and sometimes it makes us roll our eyes. And, sometimes, it can be used to effectuate change.


In the nearly six and a half years I’ve been writing HerKentucky.com, I’ve been amazed by how truly lovely HerKentucky readers and social media fans are! So, I’ve teamed with a group of Kentucky-based businesspeople to say thanks to some of y’all when you’re “caught in the act” of doing a good deed. We call it #herkentuckycares!

Here’s what #herkentuckycares is all about:

  • While, most of the time, many of us try to be humble with our good works, this January, I’m asking you all to broadcast them to your social media!
  • Starting today, Monday, January 8th, think of some of the ways you’d like to help your community. Your local homeless shelter could use coats, scarves, and new, unopened packages of underwear and socks. Your hometown animal shelter could use food, toys, towels, bedding, and bleach. Your local food bank could use healthy food. And a charity of your choice can always use a financial donation.
  • Please take a photo of your good deed — or of a friend or family member caught in the act of doing good — and upload it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #herkentuckycares.
  • By submitting the #herkentuckycares hashtag, you’re eligible for random drawings for gift cards to Target, Starbucks, Heine Brothers, and Salsaritas provided by Kentucky-based businesses who want to help pay it forward!
  • The contest begins today, January 8th, and will last through Friday, February 2nd!

Please share the word with your friends, and  let’s start a good deed social media revolution in Kentucky this winter!

Thanks so much to Louisville Salsarita’s, Jennifer Stetzler Interiors, Yoga Instructor Ryan Bratcher, Realtor Kacy Noltemeyer, Liz Toombs of Polka Dots and Rosebuds Interiors, Jennifer Stetzler Interiors, and Realtor Russell Smith for their generous contributions!!

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