Still Searching …

It’s Tuesday and I am still so tired!Unfortunately with our schedule we don’t have time for catnaps but you might and here’s how!

IMG_4641So, how can you make the most out of a nap? Sleep experts have come up with a few tips for the ultimate nap.

Work your nap in around your sleep schedule: For example, if you wake up at 7am, you should wait until about 2pm to squeeze in a few winks that way you’re in a balanced state for REM and slow-wave sleep patterns. Wake up at a different time? Check out the Nap Wheel from Dr. Sara Mednick, an assistant psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside.
Set a time limit that works: You should also limit yourself to 30 minutes if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. If you do have time, try getting a maximum of 90 minutes of shuteye in order to get a full REM cycle in.

Try a caffeine slingshot: Drink a quick cup of coffee, immediately followed by a 20 minute nap. The caffeine will kick in just as you wake up, giving you an extra boost of energy as you continue the rest of your day.



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