Liquid Gold Giveaway

It’s Queso week!! Que – so you say??

Even those on special diets get a day or two off! And yes, ladies fortunately (or unfortunately) Salsarita’s has a nutritional calculator to assist with your dietary needs.

When we go we choose a veggie burrito bowl. But there are days we just have to have some queso!

Our friends @salsaritasfreshmexicangrill wants you to win a Liquid Gold Ticket!

CALLING ALL QUESO LOVERS: Want to win FREE QUESO for the rest of 2018? 😲 We’re celebrating our upcoming Queso Week with the cheesiest giveaway of all!

Enter here for your chance of winning the Liquid Golden Ticket:


Check it out!

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(Courtesy of Salsarita’s Fresh Mexican Grill  – Louisville)