Exercise Away this GLOOMY Day!

Rain Rain Go Away, EXERCISE Away the Gloomy Day!

Who is tired of the rain?! I am! However, it is important to keep a positive attitude!

1.Every day, wake up and say something positive about YOURSELF.
2. Eat your colors! Get in your vegetables and fruits to keep you happy!

3.Eat lean meat and avoid bread,sugar and salt!

4. Drink your water! Try the rubber band challenge. Start with 5 rubber bands at top of water bottle and after you finish 1 drink, drop rubberband down.
Complete all 5!

5.Get moving! Get to the gym! Try a class or a workout with a partner! Or at home, do 5 sit to stands on a chair, climb your staircase for 1 minute, and do standing straight leg lifts 2×15.

6. Mediitate before bed. Deep breaths and relax. A warm bath with lavender calms the body as well .

Make today great! SMILE!

* A smile releases endorphins and makes you feel better. Smiling also boost your immunity!

— feeling motivated.


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