Be Grateful! Be Hopeful. Be Brave. Be You.

So Southern at Heart

Our Mission:

So Southern At Heart is a community of inspiration, whose mission is to “build up confidence” through self-care, self-compassion and self-love. Through mentoring, non-profit involvement, family fitness workshops, school assemblies, motivational speakers, and rare advocacy legislative involvement. Our sister community Make A Splash 4 Hearts works specific with us to benefit families who seek hope and knowledge dealing with a medical crisis diagnosis. Our community wishes to focus on the daily challenges of life as a pre-teen through the teen years as it relates to growing up in a world with role models and mentorships that lead to building hope and faith to find self-confidence and courage, while offering them a safe environment to be kind to themselves, share, learn and grow into their most confident self.

Be Brave. Be You. #WISH #HOPE #BRAVE

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