With Gratitude… We Say Goodbye

Most StoryTellers have a reason to begin telling their story. Our Blog began for that reason and “that reason” will live on in the miracles of our journeys. For everyone we met along the way touched our hearts and shared the journey – I firmly believe we were meant to those cross paths. Fate. Destiny or whatever you call it. They happened for reasons. That first meeting. That connection. On a more personal note – after 12 years of sharing and connecting with those on medical journeys CarePages will shut down for good.

Never ever. #sweetdreams

Our good friend Peggy Larson just posted the last update of her family’s journey, ColemanScott Carepage and Carepage site. Peggy shared her sentiments and feelings that so many of us feel inside our hearts, an association with an ending. It’s really hard to believe how long it has been how far we’ve come since those pages were typed and all of our pages gave us a since of establishment and meaning. Foundations were laid. Several of us started the journey together in the “under-renovation” hallway of a PICU on an old outdated computer in Iowa City at Iowa Children’s Hospital and Clinics. Day 5 we were transitioned into the “other wing”. It really was before Facebook- yes, it’s been that long! The CarePages Site was such an important part of healing in our journeys. We are and continue to be connected to so many amazing people through those sites. One connection, one hello in passing shared lead to another heartfelt connection and before long we were reaching and friends with family’s literally across the world. We are finding it hard to say goodbye. The site will be closed down for good on Tuesday, Oct. 31st.

Image result for meeting someone for a reason to survive stories from the heart

You must understand that for us long before “social connecting” our medical updates were sent to our families on Carepages to share the stories with our loved ones back home. Families kept everyone in the know with updates and pictures of their siblings who could not be there on the site. We spent countless hours writing medical updates crafted with knowledge of our own medical “language”. That’s exactly how it helped us cope with the illnesses and daily images to make sense of what was going on in our world – in our own corner of the world. We already printed out posts and messages that were sent off from Carepages and you know how creative Sam is she already designed a book for keepsake. I really don’t know how she does it! I am sure of this with gratitude and heartfelt thanks she is who she is today because of all of you and your inspirations. My StoryTeller chooses the inspirational path of wisdom and thankfully is an inspiring storyteller herself.Β  Thank you CarePages and the Carepages Family for teaching us all the stories of heartfelt wishes and encouragement and for the support and LOVE!! Alison – you have been there the whole time along with so many others – Thank you.

I recently shared to Peggy’s facebook this message:

We, too, reflect on the journeys with so many. Samantha Stallings I guess it’s time we move forward and be thankful for all our connections and support along the way. Our Iowa friendships will forever be in our hearts. Peggy Larson we were so sad with you when we were notified that the Carepage will be closed down. I used to visit it often to reflect on those days … when we received word I wondered if there was some hidden meaning – October 31 …. a day of significance for Sam. Truly is so hard to believe how long it’s been. What was life like ….before Social media, texting, FaceTime – and how did we ever take that drive and discover what John Deere green really meant – you’re so right ….hard to believe life without those connections – it really has been that long! The journey was such an important part of Sam’s life and affected all of our family life, as well. We πŸ¦‹πŸ’›πŸ’šyour family and think of Coleman daily, Peggy and so honored to be connected to so many amazing families through CarePages. – We join you “With gratitude” as we say goodbye πŸ™πŸ’— University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Iowa City, Iowa Raisem up!

Just another beginning … #NEVADIV in words from our little inspiration Coleman Larson! #5


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