Perfect Timing – 5 Best Fitness Tips to Keep You … Fit, Healthy & Well

It all begins with being true to yourself!

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Healthy, living begins with a wellness attitude. Balance both in work and daily lifestyle.

Sam and Alison have been a team for the last 18 years. That’s right! Sam has been following Alison around the gym and sweating out to all the tunes since before she can even remember! Through it all, multiple surgeries, teen years, college – so many wonderful life events – long time and many, many challenges. That’s a lot of living!

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Advice from this twosome includes being able to adapt, refresh, be honest and doable.

Here are 5 of Sam and Alison’s tips for a balanced lifestyle and fitness routine that keeps you strong, healthy and mindful.  Keeping on the track with our goals.

1 – Be real. Be human about how hard you are working out.

2 – Reach and set goals. Be accountable, be present. Be honest and adaptable.

3 – Don’t deprive yourself it’s not a race it’s a journey. Have nutritious eating plan and a consistent plan for overall health and wellness – give yourself a chance.  Key is moderation. Plan your menu even when you live in remote areas or on a vacation. Plan accordingly. Sam faced some adversity through the early years, in and out of hospital stays … always be present. We carry protein snacks, meal replacement mixes, pretzels, yogurt, dried fruits and vegetables – whatever it takes when on the run.


4 – Understand that “those on TV, in magazines are built for sustainable fitness habits. Embrace fitness video’s and apps to get moving. Aspire to inspire. Motivate yourself. Have a positive attitude, reduce stress and know fitness is mobile. Don’t just work out for the physical benefits = do it for mental ones. You don’t have to look like the “person” in the video to be awesome!

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5 – AND FINALLY! Do your Homework.

Do research. Be adaptable. Add balance and there is a long list of reasons to incorporate fitness into your life and for Sam and Alison friendship is the BONUS!

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SUCCESS IS LIFESTYLE.  And we’re just getting started!








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